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At Vira Digital Marketing Agency, we are trying to design a site with the highest quality and the most appropriate price for you, and of course, it should be noted that we will not leave you alone after designing your website and delivering it, and you will be up to three months You will have our technical support.

To register a free order and consultation, just call 02175078078 or register your request in the Contact Us section so that our consultants can contact you.

طراحی فنی وب سایت

طبق آمار جهانی اگر سرعت بارگذاری سایت بیشتر از ۷ ثانیه طول بکشد کاربران صفحه را به سرعت می بندند و باعث افزایش نرخ دفع کاربری یا بانس ریت سایت شما می‌شود. پس اگر به فکر رضایت و نگهداری کاربران و تجربه کاربری خوشایندی برای آنها هستید، طراحی سایت خود را به ما بسپارید و لذت ببرید.

Be different from us

Whatever type of website you want to design, you need to choose the right format for your field; Choosing the right template alone requires a lot of consideration, and we at Vira Company, by consulting and talking to you, design the best template for your site and business.

The importance of site speed!

According to global statistics, if the loading speed of the site lasts more than 7 seconds, users will close the page quickly and increase the repulsion rate or bounce rate of your site. So if you are thinking about user satisfaction and maintenance and a pleasant user experience for them, leave your site design to us and enjoy.

Is WordPress secure?

WordPress security depends on many features, including the settings and modules installed on the site, the installation of security plugins and settings related to these plugins, templates and plugins installed on your WordPress.
Many of you dear ones this question: is WordPress safe? You ask the Galaxy webmaster and you think that security depends on the type of site. On the other hand, if you give the most secure content management system to a beginner, it will become the weakest security system.

And if you leave the most insecure system to an expert, it will make it the safest system in the world. So it is not possible to say exactly and transparently which content management system is the safest system in the world. You are dependent. WordPress can be turned into the most secure content management system due to its high flexibility.

Can I make changes to the site myself?

Yes, one of the main concerns of the employer is that he is dependent on the company for any small change, but this is not the case. You can easily apply all the changes you want on the site after watching the instructional videos, so there is no need to worry.

Is my site responsive?

Responsiveness of the website on mobile phones is one of the points that is of great importance, but many websites lack it. Responsive website has many points to consider. This will have a significant impact on the visibility of the incoming audience to the site because a large proportion of people will visit the site through their mobile phones. Therefore, the fit and harmony of the screens in the dimensions of the mobile phone will help a lot. On the other hand, the responsiveness of the website has undeniable effects on Google in order to get a higher score on SEO.

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