SEO and site ranking improvement

Due to the competition between businesses in today’s world, it is necessary to act more carefully and quickly in various fields, including the expansion of the website. Increasing the reach of target audiences is one of the concerns that most businesses face, and the best and most efficient way is to use SEO. SEO as a set of activities to increase the site ranking in the Google platform to increase the traffic of incoming audiences.

Cost and investment in SEO

Cost and investing in SEO can be considered a long-term investment because one can not expect the website in question to be at the top of Google in the beginning. Therefore, we need to enter this field with long-term planning to know from the beginning what steps need to be taken at any time to achieve short, medium and long term SEO goals.

Continuous improvement

The experienced and experienced team of Vira Creativity and Innovation Agency with sufficient knowledge and expertise in increasing the site’s ranking in search engines provides a suitable platform for your business. The Viera SEO team is always trying and planning to improve the ranking and improve the SEO of the site in a continuous logical process.

Compile a content calendar

After the basic and basic measures, it is necessary to compile a calendar in accordance with the expectations created. This calendar completely includes executable programs such as keywords, content sharing date, actions needed to increase site traffic, build or modify site structure, and more. With this calendar, you can continue with confidence, because with this content calendar, the employer and the contractor know very well what they should pursue in each position and how long it will take to achieve their goals. .

Determine the strategy

After fully understanding the industry in question, we can move on to the next step. Determining the strategy can be considered as one of the important and effective steps in the field of SEO; Because by doing this step correctly, we can safely define short, medium and long-term perspectives to determine the steps and executive actions in a way that we see the highest level of productivity. To determine the strategy, one must pay attention to several elements such as the relevant industry, audience behavior, word difficulty, number of competitors, and so on.

Industry analysis

The most basic and basic step in the field of SEO is the correct and basic knowledge of the industry in question. When it comes to SEO for a website, it is very important to know the industry well. This knowledge helps a lot to make the best decision about the type of behavior of the audience. When this analysis is done well, we can continue the steps with ease.

How to be the first page of Google ?!

This is a question that has occupied the minds of most business owners.

Naturally, to achieve this, it is necessary to have a well-planned plan so that all the necessary work is done in the best way at the right time. Therefore, it can be acknowledged that there is no single formula for this issue and specialized studies in this field should be done at the beginning.

The studies will be conducted in areas such as surveying the industry audience, the level of competition in the industry in question, the degree of difficulty of words, etc., so that it can be codified with the highest calendar efficiency.

With the advancement of this calendar, the executive team and the employer know what issues to implement in order to achieve short, medium and long term goals.

The most important site ranking factors from Google’s point of view

1. Domain life

2. Use keywords in the domain

3. The first keyword in the domain

4. Domain registration time

5. Use the keyword in the text

How long does my SEO take?

This is a question that many business owners ask us at the beginning of their SEO path. Business personas, the difficulty of the intended words, etc. should be done. After obtaining the desired information, an executive calendar and content for SEO discussion will be compiled so that the work can be carried out in accordance with that calendar in each time period.

Tariff table of SEO services

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What question is on your mind?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This phrase means that we optimize our site as much as possible for search engines so that they can easily show useful and intended information to our audience. Keep in mind that this only happens when you have optimized all aspects together. Because the most important principle in SEO is the convenience of the audience in obtaining information from your website.

To answer this question, it must be admitted that we can never come up with the same version for the SEO strategy of all websites. Since the types of services of the sites are different, it is better to extract these strategies by careful and specialized studies. For example, SEO strategies for sites such as online stores are completely different from SEO strategies for news sites and require careful consideration in various fields.

The price and tariff of SEO are commensurate with the services provided for the site. Naturally, a site that requires more time and energy receives more money. With all these descriptions, Vira company has made every effort in the field of healing in order to provide the best services at the fairest prices by offering the right packages for your needs.

Naturally, trying to introduce services to you without checking is futile and wrong. As you know, every website does not come with special services in the field of SEO and digital marketing, and without specialized and technical studies in this regard, it is not possible to offer favorable offers. Viera Creativity and Innovation Agency, by gathering a large number of websites and examining the needs of each, has reached a concise conclusion in this field and has provided services in the form of specialized packages for you.

The most important strength of Vira Creativity and Innovation Company is the use of experienced experts in the field of SEO, which thanks to this cooperation has been able to help a large number of active websites in the Google platform in various fields and a good position for this category. Brought from customers.

Once you have taken the necessary steps to SEO your website, either in person or in collaboration with a specialist person or group, you need to have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the job. One of these issues is the time required to reach the desired position, which certainly requires several different parameters such as, your service circle, the number of competitors, the difficulty of the words in question, and..

Page SEO steps

  • Optimize pre-written code on the site
  • Optimize text, images and videos within the main and sub-pages of the site
  • Optimize site tags and scripts
  • Build the structure of the website
  • Proper structuring of web pages

SEO page steps:

Correct and principled structuring of external and internal backlinks

Content SEO steps:

  • Compilation of audience personalities
  • Extract industry-related keywords
  • Develop an executive calendar
  • Build appropriate categories
  • Proper structuring of blog pages
  • Writing and sharing textual, visual and audio content in articles